Welcome to the New Foothills Website

The Foothills Staff: Maggie, Denise, Martha, Becky, Tina and Jeff (back row); Melissa, Carol, Brigitte, Julie and Chelsea (front row).

We began this journey together some fourteen years ago—many of you have been with us since then, and even before. When we conceived of Foothhills Physical Therapy, and embarked on the process of turning our dreams into reality, offering an information-rich website was not top on our to-do list. Bringing personal, caring and top-quality physical therapy to central New Hampshire was our top priority, and creating a strong and vibrant independent practice that would endure the test of time was our task.

Foothills Physical Therapy will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary next year. Though much has changed—does the world of healthcare ever stop changing?—much has remained the same.

  • We continue to provide one-on-one care, from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave. At Foothills, each patient is under the direct care of his or her physical therapist at all times—we do not utilize assistants to do patient care of any kind! Every moment we spend with you is in service of your health goals.
  • Foothills continues to serve the greater Concord community as an independent practice. What does this mean to you? It means you’ll benefit from the flexibility we have to spend more time and provide care in exactly the way we feel is best for your needs. In a time when so many healthcare practices are owned and operated by large hospitals, we’re proud to be an independent practice.
  • At Foothills, we believe that our practitioners and staff are our greatest asset, and we pride ourselves in creating an environment that supports professional growth and job satisfaction. We recognize that individual therapists have passions and gifts, and we value our differences as well as the strength they give us as a team.
  • Our patients continue to be our absolute, number one priority. With the patients front and center, everything else falls into place.

Perhaps, back in 2000, having a good website, a Facebook page and a blog was not on our minds, but all of these things are part of what it means to nurture a strong community these days. Be sure to check out our Resource Library page for links to lots of information that will support you on your wellness path, and suggest other links you might like to see listed there. We recognize that your work does not end when you leave your appointment with us; it continues 24 hours a day, all seven days of the week. We want to support you in whatever ways we can, so speak up!

You can look forward to blog updates from us every month or so, as inspiration hits and time allows. We hope you’ll subscribe to our blog for regular updates, and share this site with your friends and family.

You are the reason we are a strong and thriving practice today, so thank you for continuing to spread the word!

~ The Staff of Foothills Physical Therapy



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