Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. ~ Carol Wong PT

A few days ago, I boarded a plane to leave behind one amazing and rich adventure, heading toward the next. While an array of feelings arise during this major transition, though I’m struck time and time again with the feeling of gratitude.

My east coast and Foothills adventures began 19 years ago, when my family moved from the west coast to Concord, New Hampshire. My husband and I would raise our kids here, see them off to college, fine tune our professional skills and form countless friendships and connections. It’s easy to do that in Concord. I found it to be a tight, interconnected community where I was likely to bump into patients and other colleagues at the farmer’s market or when out for an evening neighborhood walk. I’ve learned and am grateful to feel what it means to be a part of the fabric of a community.

As a founding partner at Foothills, I experienced the deep satisfaction of working in a partnership that puts values first, every day. Five of us came together in 2000 to create a practice that would make decisions by consensus and never let “business” make us lose sight of what was important to us. A leap of faith, really. What followed was 16 years of learning, growth, change and friendship, along with a heck of a lot of humor.

As Brigitte stated so well: “We never really knew 16 years ago what we were going to create. We were a handful of people trying to create a work environment that was warm, nurturing, healing and fun—a place where we could continue to grow as therapists, friends and families. We did create that, plus much, much more.”

I am in awe of what we have created at Foothills. We have kept moving forward with mutual trust, passion, a belief in good work and goodness of people, and endless communication. It has been an amazing life lesson in the value and fruits of a steady and mindful process. It’s a gift, indeed, to know the power of this kind of synergy and that allows Foothills physical therapists to do work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Of course, it was hard to say goodbye, not just to friends, partners and the Foothills staff, but to my patients. I’ve known many of my patients for 16 years or more, sharing life stories and wisdom, along with health challenges and health triumphs. They’ve taught me the art of partnering, of meeting people exactly where they are and seeing them completely. The giving and receiving has truly been a two-way street.

That plane that I boarded a few days ago brought me back to a place of deep roots, family and long-standing connections. It marks a new life chapter. Deciding to return to the Bay Area felt like a decision of the heart, one of reconnecting and deepening roots that I never really left behind. In the spirit of a true adventure, I’ll be honoring the process itself as details fall into place. I know that the days of enjoying a seven-minute commute are behind me. I know that my new commute will likely involve my new folding bicycle, which will allow me to navigate and “embrace” the longer and congested commute in an area I call Home. I’ll be practicing PT, of course, stretching and learning as I go, holding the warmth of the Foothills community in my heart.

As a dear friend and colleague said in one of so many touching goodbye messages that I received regarding the sentiments about Foothills Physical Therapy: “We are who we are because of the uniqueness of each one of us.” That includes you—the Foothills family and community. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.

In gratitude and health,
Carol Wong PT

2 thoughts on “Growth, Adventure and Change: A Journey of the Heart

  • September 15, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Carol, I miss you, but I’m grateful for the time we shared. You did a great job on this article. This is a wonderful place to work. I hope your new co-workers are at least half as much fun as we are.

  • September 16, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    Thank you this sharing Carol…I appreciate so much your work and soul as part of Foothills. You and Foothills have achieved such a wonderful place to work.
    I wish you good colleagues in CA. And safe commuting…and wonderful times with old friends and family. Xo


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