We work with a range of individuals, young and old, from world-class Olympic athletes at the height of their game to those with a more sedentary lifestyle, and everyone in between.

We help people recover from injuries, surgical procedures (or other “hazards of living”) and return them to their highest level of activity possible.

Our approach to your care includes three major components: evaluation, treatment and education.


“Pain is a symptom, not the problem.”

The initial evaluation involves taking a detailed history and a thorough analysis of your mobility, quality of movement and strength. Through these tests and hands-on palpation, we then identify the primary cause of your pain or other symptoms. We understand the interrelationship of your body and how one area may impact another seemingly unrelated one.

For example, low back pain may be caused by a decrease in hip flexibility and abdominal strength along with poor posture while working at the computer. Besides identifying the source of the pain, all contributing factors to the problem must be recognized. This may include workstation set-up, tight leg muscles, a weak trunk, and even how you use your reading glasses. In this way, recurrence is avoided and healing is made possible.

A thorough evaluation enables us to develop an accurate assessment which then informs your individual treatment plan.


“One size does not fit all.”

The context in which we live and work is different for each person and so must be the treatment approach. As skilled and perceptive therapists we enlist a variety of hands-on manual therapy techniques, modalities and therapeutic exercises to effectively treat your condition be it post surgical, long-standing or acute. The range of techniques may include:

  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization, including Graston Technique
  • Myofascial Release
  • Craniosacral Techniques
  • Individualized Therapeutic Exercises
  • Pilates-inspired Rehabilitation
  • Plyometric Strength Training
  • Therapeutic Modalites
  • Multiplanar Functional Training
  • Repositioning Techniques for BPPV
  • Vestibular Dysfunction Exercises
  • Visceral Manipulation

Whether you are a musician, athlete, couch potato, computer techie/blogger or new mother, we tailor a treatment program to your individual goals and needs.


“Knowledge is power.”

Whether an acute ankle sprain, post surgical knee or chronic spinal condition, your understanding of healing and anatomy directly effects your recovery.
_MG_6787Through individual attention and careful education, we give you the ability to modify your activities, prevent overuse, learn new ways of moving and re-strengthen your body. As an active partner in this process, we want the purpose of an exercise or the science behind your injury to make sense to you.

We welcome collaboration and consistently communicate with your other healthcare providers. Your health requires a team approach.