As a client at Foothills, you benefit from our progressive and collaborative approach to physical therapy. Foothills physical therapists bring an average of 28 years of experience to the practice and actively stay current in the profession with on-going clinical education. We pride ourselves in providing clinical expertise and personalized care in a wide variety of areas:

General Orthopedics

We develop and maintain individual rehabilitation programs for all types of orthopedic diagnoses. These may include pain and dysfunction in the knee, shoulder, hip, foot/ankle, elbow and wrist/hand._MG_8832Utilizing the most current concepts and procedures, we help you regain optimum mobility, strength, and function by balancing the process of tissue healing with gradual, progressive increase in functional ability.

Sports and Recreation Rehab

We work with a range of individuals—from world class athletes and marathoners to “mall walkers”—to help you recover from injuries, surgical procedures or other conditions and return you to the highest levels of activity possible. Cardiovascular health, osteoporosis prevention, and a general sense of “well being” are all linked to your ability to exercise on a regular basis. Our physiologically-based treatment programs are always tailored to individual goals.

Joint Replacement: Hip, Knee and Shoulder

We can address your rehabilitation needs pre and post operatively when a total joint replacement is needed. Be it the knee, hip or shoulder, having a joint replaced is just the beginning of an often lengthy process. Yet the reward of returning to activities previously too challenging or too painful to do are immeasureable. While working with you to gain motion and strength, we also guide you through activites to regain confidence and full integration of this new joint. A holistic approach brings your body back into balance after years of compensatory movement patterns.

Spine Care

The neck, low-back and mid-back are all common sites of pain. Individualized treatment plans always begin with a thorough evaluation and analysis of movement and muscular imbalances, and identification of underlying causes. Recovery and healing is a process of hands-on manual therapy, individualized therapeutic exercises, and education. All Foothills PTs are Graston providers in addition to utilizing manual techniques. Posture and movement retraining, ergonomic modifications and understanding body mechanics help you maintain optimal daily function. We emphasize the importance of core trunk strength in all spine care treatment programs and include stabilization exercises and triplanar functional movement that you can easily incorporate into your normal functional movement.

Head, Neck and Facial Pain

_MG_6567Debilitating pain associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), occipital neuralgia, whiplash and other conditions are treated through an individualized program that considers posture, soft tissue mobility, and functional strengthening to reduce pain and prevent “overuse” type stresses to the cervical area.

Ankle/Foot Disorders and Orthotic Fabrication

The foot and ankle are your foundation and are vital to basic movement. When you have foot pain, it impacts your ability to walk and participate in fun, meaningful activities. It can also set off a chain reaction of ailments above the foot, in areas such as the knee, hip and low back. We evaluate the foot and ankle with the goal of providing your body with a strong and stable foundation to work from. We may provide exercises for strength, flexibility, shock absorption and balance. When appropriate, orthotics may be recommended to provide further support. Several of our physical therapists are trained in the specialized fitting and fabrication of custom orthotics.

Balance Therapy

Do you feel your balance is not as good as it used to be? We need balance for more than just playing sports; it is also essential for dressing, working outside, or
even just getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It is difficult to remain active if you lack confidence in your ability to balance. Your sense of knowing “where you are in space” comes from integrating use of our eyes, ears, muscles and joints. Balance therapy involves using specific exercises to regain and stimulate the connections between these areas. Together, we’ll work to keep you “grounded.”

Vestibular/Balance Rehab: for Those Suffering From Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Problems

Do you veer off to the side while walking or experience the room spinning around when you change positions or lie down in bed? These are just some of the symptoms that may indicate a vestibular problem. Causes may range from inner ear dysfunction, benign paradoximal positional vertigo (BPPV), or some combination of these factors that leads to the fear of movement. As with all our treatm_MG_8933ent programs, we work to identify underlying causes, and through manual therapy techniques and education help you manage your condition and reduce symptoms.

Women’s Health: Incontinence, Prolapse and Pelvic Pain

We creatively and sensitively address many of the physical issues that women may experience at various points in their lifetime. Urinary incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and painful scars (from abdominal surgery, childbirth, or other surgery) are among the many conditions that we are prepared to help women understand, manage and/or recover from.Various forms of manual techniques such as visceral manipulation and myofascial release may be used along with re-education of related muscles.

We also have strong programs that address the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and lymphedema related to breast cancer surgery.

Performing Arts: Dancers and Musicians

The extreme physical and repetitive demands experienced by some performing artists – especially dancers and musicians – sometimes can result in a range of symptoms that involve pain and /or ease-of-movement issues. Beyond the traditional modalities of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, we also incorporate Pilates-inspired rehabilitation work in many of our treatment plans, which we recognize as an excellent way to improve core trunk strength.